New Art For a New Year

I’ve started to experiment with more water colour and graphite this year, soon to incorporate pen for a new direction, super excited.



Jax On

Well, that was fun!

I was asked to join Heart Development on a quest to design and development a new site for Axion Jaxon, a 6 year old prodigy drummer. Jax lives in Calgary, BC and has already made major performances, such as the Today Show in New York City. Unreal.


Upper Canada Mall Campaign | Gorgeous Blog

New blog for Upper Canada Mall for their new campaign, titled “Gorgeous” via Suburbia Advertising.

I was able to develop this blog/site within a WordPress platform for ease of use on the client side, but at the same time integrate this with their main site that sits upon a Drupal platform.

WordPress CMS, fully responsive template.


Cover Photo & Life/Art/Design Article – NIC Viewbook 2012

North Island College decided to run an online article/photos, that we conjured up in January, for their 2012 viewbook.

…nothing like a bit of love from some Island exposure…



BEINGS Poster Design

New poster design for “BEINGS”

This is will be mine & Jose Brand’s first art show. We will have recent work on display and for sale in Victoria, BC Canada at the Cinderbloc Studio on Esquimalt Rd.

Come out and join us for a “super sweet” evening from 5-11 pm on June 2nd…

See Info Page Here



Art For The Art Show

Here’s a couple new pieces that I did up for my first art show on June 2nd in Victoria, BC @ Cinderbloc Studio (w/ jose brand)

All of my personal art can be found here |

(24×36, graphite, watercolour, coloured pencil)


(24×18.5/graphite/coloured pencil)


Chainlink Productions (identity/web development)

CLP Overhaul

I received an email from Bjorn Aunet, action sports videographer, in regards to re-branding ChainLink Productions. Bjorn was in desperate need of a new image as his work and clientele are aggressively expanding. So, after one month, countless emails and a few face-to-face conference calls, I came up with the following style for CLP to run with for 2012.

My 2 biggest tasks that I wanted to accomplish with this project was to create a strong connection between “chain” and “link” through some sort of visual/tonal aspect. This ended up being the relation of “red” to where the ‘L’ in link splits the two apart. I felt that this was the strongest route to go for what I was looking to tie in. The other was to design a unique website (UI/navigational flow) that would set his work apart from the rest as Bjorn’s videos are straight quality.



Vancouver Textile / Lifestyle Blog / Syrup Mansion

I fired off this WordPress site & identity design a few weeks ago.

Check it out –




Alias Cinema Blog – Live & Pumping Goods

I just recently fired off this WordPress blog that’s integrated into an HTML website for Alex Lavigne at Alias Cinema. Check it out and be sure to scope the rest of his work; Amazing stuff by far!

AC Blog Here



Conceptualize, Create & Execute (TL Promo Edit)

Huge Thanks to Bjorn Aunet at ChainLink Productions for hooking me up with this wicked edit. I wasn’t purely feeling the whole about/info section of a website these days; so I thought it would be a fun idea to run a full on lifestyle piece as an introduction to myself.

I hope you enjoy,